1. People who go out of their way to not recycle
  2. Chronic migraine disease
    Also see: needing a new doctor, not being able to go to the emergency room in IL, having nerve and breathing probz because of it, needing a neurologist when I can't get to one. Accidentally mixing up the words 'neurologist' with 'radiologist'. Have I ever mentioned my dad died of brain cancer? It would be cool if my doctors would take me seriously. Invisible illnesses are fun.
  3. Finals
    Can't these come when I'm healthy? Can I ever be healthy?
  4. Noisy people in a library
  5. People.
    People = noise. Something I can't handle right now.
  6. Spilling a cup of boiling tea all over you and going to class looking like a hot mess.
  7. Anxiety and depression.
    You two sort out which one gets my attention. One speaker in my head at a time.