It's Tuesday, the magical day of PLL. There are so many spoilers on this list that it will make your head spin. Please add to this if I've missed more insane things
  1. One time, Emily was given a necklace made of human teeth and letter beads that read, "DEAD GIRLS CANT SMILE"
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  2. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily were kidnapped and placed in a life-sized doll house, where they lived in eery, slightly off replicas of their childhood bedrooms
  3. In the dollhouse, the girls were forced to throw themselves a prom where the other guests were mannequins
  4. Also in the dollhouse, Mona was forced to pretend she was Alison. She had to act like her, talk like her, dress like her, and wear a mask of her face.
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  5. A straight up ran Hanna over with a car
  6. Charlotte dated her own twin brother for like a year, knowing he was her brother, bc she wanted to hang out with her family who didn't know she existed and she was like whatever I'll just date my brother that seems like the easiest way to go about this
  7. Jason Dilaurentis got convinced his memories of his twin from his childhood were actually memories of his imaginary friend
  8. One time Hanna got a message from their torturer, A, implanted in her tooth after being drugged at a dentists office
  9. Aria dated her high school English teacher
  10. Aria got drugged on the Halloween party train, placed inside a crate with a corpse, and was almost shoved off the moving train while in this box with the corpse
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  11. Physician and grown man Wren hit on every underage girl in Rosewood and none of the other adults seemed to care
  12. The drinks cooler on the Halloween train had a stolen corpse in a body bag under the ice for the whole night
  13. The girls had tracking chips implanted in their necks while they were unconscious
  14. One time an announcement marquee in Rosewood high was hacked and the words "ACT NORMAL, BITCH!" popped up as a message to Emily Fields
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  15. Emily was trapped in a box on a moving conveyor belt and was almost sawed in half by some kind of enormous industrial saw
  16. A drove Spencer to have a mental breakdown after tricking her into thinking her boyfriend was A and then tricking her into thinking he was dead and Spencer had to be in a mental hospital for like a season
  17. Alison's mom buried her alive
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  18. Emily's most serious love interest, Paige, when first introduced to the series, snuck up on Emily while she was swimming laps and grabbed and held Emily's head under water, almost drowning her. What an excellent meet cute!
  19. The girls accidentally blinded Jenna
  20. Alison Dilaurentis faked her own death for a damn long time and was just somehow being a self-sufficient 16-year-old surviving in secrecy out and about
  21. Toby's mom got shoved off the roof of a mental institution by a child. Then the police made it look like suicide instead of a murder for some reason I can't recall
  22. Melissa buried someone (Bethany Young?) alive. Unlike Alison, this girl stayed buried
  23. That time Spencer dug through Aria's trash looking for anti-anxiety drugs
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  24. A parrot memorized a phone number and that was an important piece of evidence and then someone kept the bird as a pet for an episode.
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    Bird was named Tippi. Probably someone trying to be clever with a Birds reference.
    Suggested by @gggenevieveee
  25. One time Aria and Ezra, who had to keep their love a secret because it was statutory rape, wanted to take a cute couples selfie. How did they keep their identities a secret?? They drew faces on bags and put them on their heads for the pic. Perfect plan