Not a fan of how many spiders I keep finding in my bathtub. I'm searching for answers as to why this is my fate
  1. Satan is real and is sending spiders to spy on me
  2. Angels are real and are testing me to see if I'll kill the spiders
  3. There are lots of spider eggs lodged in my bathroom walls
  4. Spiders don't want my teeth to stay straight so they are trying to scare me out of my bathroom every time I go to grab my retainer from the drawer
  5. I live in hell
  6. I live in spider heaven
  7. Spiders want to know if I have any spare Lush bath bombs they can borrow
  8. Spiders are drawn to shower curtains lightly stained with reddish hair dye
  9. Spiders want to know if they can have one of my sample tubes of Retin A Micro bc they don't have health insurance and it would be prohibitively expensive for them to go get their own prescription
  10. Old pipes or something