Ghosting is so rude but here are a few reasons people might do it 👻
  1. Because they were murdered and they need to get back at someone
  2. Because it's Christmas time and they live in the same town as Ebenezer Scrooge
  3. Because their mom poisoned them slowly and they need to let someone know about it
  4. Because they died of pneumonia as a child but still want to hang out with their family
  5. Because some pirates did them dirty
  6. Because they were a great chef that didn't quite finish imparting their wisdom and techniques and they need to
  7. Because they were murdered in a war and that was jarring for them
  8. Because they died while traveling and need to get to their final destination
  9. Because their friend who's still alive is generally acting a fool and needs to be straightened out
  10. Because they need to tell their son to avenge their death