1. It's happening.
  2. The walls are coming ever closer.
  3. A shower spider has ventured into my bedroom.
  4. An eight legged crawler has entered the space where I sleep.
  5. Moments ago I looked down at the floor and saw what I thought was a clump of my dark hair.
  6. As I reached down to pick it up, suddenly my hair clump scurried away from me.
  7. My heart fell out of my body.
  8. My soul almost left this earth.
  9. The spider raced to hide behind my favorite heels!
  10. How dare you, spider! Those are my everyday heels. They go with every outfit.
  11. I tossed my strappy sandal aside.
  12. The spider stayed still.
  13. I drew my weapon of choice from the nearby closet: an old tennis shoe that has fallen out of favor but I keep because it was expensive and you need back ups sometimes.
  14. I prepared for a small piece of my soul to die as I readied to kill another living thing.
  15. I also prepared to miss and have the spider scurry up my arm and into my face and kill me or something.
  16. I pressed my shoe to the earth/carpet. I smushed it around and prayed for victory.
  17. I lifted the shoe in horror and saw no spider.
  18. Looking down at the earth/carpet, I saw a clump of my dark hair.
  19. This time, it was hair. But it was also spider. The spider had gotten caught up in some strands of hair under the shoe and met its end there.
  20. The spider was defeated. I flushed it and the hair clump down the toilet.
  21. This brief battle is over. But what about the war?
  22. This time, the spider was only two feet from the bathroom. But what will happen next time? What hell awaits me?
  23. Will the spiders try to sleep in my bed?
  24. Will the spiders try to crawl in my mouth while I sleep?
  25. I sleep with my mouth closed, spiders. Please don't try to crawl in my nose- you're too big of spiders and you won't fit.
  26. I pray for the spiders to leave my home.
  27. I pray for a home free of spiders.
  28. Can this dream be realized?
  29. Do I need to get apartment maintenance to redo the rubber thing on my sliding glass door? It's peeling off a bit. Is that where spiders come from?
  30. I pray that answers will come to me.
  31. One day, I hope for rest. An apartment free of spiders.
  32. Today was not that day. I can only hope that day will come soon.
  33. 🕷