Truly Excellent Dogs Of Instagram, A Curated List Of Ten

I have an addiction. Is it money? Is it girls? Is it weed? No, it's dog Instagram accounts.
    A little angel. A classic and classy dog with a strong sense of personal style.
  2. @adventuresofpenpen
    A celestial being made of fluff. Penny holds many mysteries within her eyes.
  3. @theobonaparte
    Theo enjoys naps and being more stylish than could possibly be imagined.
  4. @norbertthedog
    A real gentleman of a canine. A classy man with fashionable style. He is quite cool and enjoys donning sunglasses from time to time.
  5. @pennyandmilliethecavies
    Another Penny. This Penny is a warrior, a true force to be reckoned with. She cannot be stopped.
  6. @remytheruby
    A prince of a pup. A fashion plate with an enviable wardrobe and an enjoyment of life's finer things.
  7. @momothepoodle
    Momo enjoys being circular and so soft. Momo describes herself as "lov[ing] daily bowl of sweet potato and red rubber ball," choosing to highlight her healthy lifestyle. An aspirational dog.
  8. @marniethedog
    Marnie is quite a famous dog. She has more charisma in her trademark tongue than most beings have in their whole body.
  9. @_gee1117
    This is Hannah. She frequently poses with flowers because she appreciates the world's beauty. She enjoys highlighting her features, such as her "sparkle eyes" and "well move ears," because it's what the world needs.
  10. @milomeetsworld
    Milo understands the importance of tailoring, maintaining a strong brand, and being fluffy.