1. Swear, out loud.
    Even if you're alone. This is a mandatory step.
  2. Unplug the power strip so you don't electrocute yourself like an idiot.
    Is yogurt conductive to electricity? Probably! Maybe not, though! It wouldn't be a good idea to test this.
  3. Imagine your obituary saying "electrocuted herself because she was clumsy and liked yogurt... RIP"
  4. Unplug your lamp from the strip so you can clean it first so you can have light by which to clean the absolutely massive amount of yogurt you got all over your carpet, power strip, and many many cords.
    Cleaning it will feel really gross!
  5. Clean up the carpet first because, if you don't, you'll just keep dipping the cords you clean off back into the yogurt. 🤗
    Grab some paper towels and get started!
  6. As you sloppily mop up the carpet yogurt with the paper towels, getting yogurt under your fingernails with each swipe, remember the time you accidentally spilled a full Bath and Body Works wallflower on your ex's iPod dock stereo.
    Remember how he seemed super mad about it but kept lying and saying it was fine and flatly refused to let you replace the iPod dock. Also remember the 4 or 5 times he brought up later that you broke this iPod dock and how, each time he did this, you offered again to replace it and he still said he didn't want you to but it sure seemed like he was lying. It's fun to stroll down memory lane!
  7. Remember that time you dropped a glass full of iced coffee on your bathroom counter and it shattered and the glass got into more places than you knew existed inside your home.
    You shouldn't have left that drawer open. Now it's a drawer for glass shards and dried coffee stains! And also still for your curling irons.
  8. Remember that time you knocked a bottle of nice red wine your sister sent you as a gift for being her maid of honor off of the top of your fridge and it shattered. Red wine and glass shards got everywhere! Cleaning that took forever! On top of the fridge is not a good place to store wine!
  9. Clean the cords.
    It'll be hard to clean the yogurt out of the knots in your Nintendo DS power charger but try your best!
  10. Finally, clean the power strip itself. It will feel very disgusting! Wipe off most of the yogurt in broad strokes and then roll up a paper towel into little points to do the detail cleaning.
  11. Check the clock and see that cleaning that up took a full 25 minutes. Wow!
  12. Go to the store and buy ice cream. This is no longer a yogurt kind of day. It is an ice cream kind of day.