I'll keep adding to this, but so far I got the below
  1. Get out of London
    The UK countryside is the BEST (case in point: The Cotswolds) and our other UK cities are not to be sniffed at (shout out to my home towns Manchester and Belfast)
  2. Visit a graveyard
    This is not morbid. Go to Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx is buried. We Brits are obsessed with the resting places of the dead.
  3. Do a pub quiz
    This is just for me. I would play Trivial Pursuit alone if I could. Great pubs for quizzing: Wait, I'll do a different list for that. Check back later.
  4. Avoid the west end and go to one of the smaller theatres
    Again, I need another list for this - but basically London has so many beautiful, small theatres. They are way more intimate (and you avoid the throng of tourists.)
  5. Get a Boris Bike
    Explore the city by bike and experience the adrenaline rush of near death at the Old Street roundabout.