For the uninitiated, that's Northern Ireland
  1. Titanic Quarter
    Go see where the Titanic was built in Belfast. Its maiden voyage was NOT to the U.S., it was from Belfast to Southampton (I know, that doesn't count)
  2. Giant's Causeway
    Hexagons can happen in nature
  3. The Peace Wall
    They had to put a walls up to keep the peace between nationalists and unionists during the troubles. The most famous is between the Shankill Road and the Falls Road - don't go unaccompanied.
  4. Scrabo Tower
    It's just a nice old tower on top of hill. It sometimes shows old films with wolves in.
  5. Stormont
    Where the NI parliament hangs out on a huge estate. Think Irish Downton (but don't say that to them)
  6. Londonderry
    It was a city of culture (really recently)
  7. The Europa Hotel
    Not much to see but it was once the most bombed hotel in Europe. That really draws the crowds.
  8. Bangor
    Apparently I was conceived there. So it makes the list.