Real things that were said by my class.
  1. You have great nails but they're ALSO verrry cute.
  2. Your face looks regular but your hair looks CRAZY.
  3. You, you're a treasure. The greatest treasure of all.
  4. Nice brain, Katie.
    While patting me on the head.
  5. You know your face? Well I missed it. Not today because right now I'm looking at it but, like, over the weekend when I couldn't see it.
  6. It's almost HAMBURGER SEASON
  7. You know this song? It reminds me of you. I think you should play it while you're walking around in the hallway and stuff.
    This song = The Imperial March from Star Wars, aka the Darth Vader song.
  8. Hey those are great shoes! Know what you could wear those for? A DANCE OFF. Those shoes would look great on a dance floor.
  9. Are you DRINKING!? A BEER!? At SCHOOL!?