Little Things I Love

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. When daffodils are all facing the same direction which is also toward me.
  2. Bars with no TVs
  3. Ass-in hugs
    None of this halfway, bent over pats on the back. Do it like you mean it.
  4. The street in the neighborhood with the bookstore and fancy ice cream shop across the street from each other.
    And what's in my bag when I head home from there...
  5. Freshly bloomed lilac bushes you can smell before you see.
  6. When it starts to rain during an outside run and it doesn't matter because you're already sweaty and in quick-dry clothing.
  7. A dress or skirt with pockets
    Arguably more of a game charger than a little thing...
  8. A well executed wink.
  9. When my kindergarten class comes in from recess a little sweaty with a thin layer of dirt and I know they played really hard and kid-ed really well.
  10. Riding home in a cab up Lakeshore Drive in the summer after a night out.
    Windows down, hair finally pulled up because it's hot you're on your way home, quiet and leaned back and looking up at the skyline and out at the lake 😍
  11. Sleeping with all the windows open
    Good sleeping weather is 😍