There is no point to this post. I couldn't think of what to make a list of so I made a list of my thought process. Typed this up after babysitting forever on Saturday night after my shower and fell asleep before I could post it and thought I lost it. Incredibly happy I found it in my drafts. I am in fact sick thanks to those nuggets.
  1. Children. Nope. Don't want those anytime soon.
  2. Incredibly thankful for the plumbing system.
  3. Showers are the greatest places to think about what to make a list about.
  4. I love showers. They are like little man made waterfalls in your home you can use no matter what the weather is.
  5. Extension cords. Am I right?
  6. Not every moment in life can be like the moment I realized my laptop charger could only reach my bed because of my totally awesome extension cord.
  7. Today I came across an old cd in my old CD player. After babysitting for 9 hours for 3 small children who can only communicate through crying and screaming I decided to shower. I listened to the cd. I then relived all the high school angst in the land.
  8. If I'm sick tomorrow watch out, snot face.
  9. Anger leads to racism
  10. THE END.