Join me in the happiness that is my father.
  1. Happiness is my dad and the dogs. My dads this big tough guy on the exterior you would expect him to eat shitzus as a Appetizer. But I think he loves the dogs more than he loves my sister and I. My dads my favorite person on Earth. This photo of him makes me the happiest.
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  2. Happiness is a "selfie" Jenny took of the both of us in front of a Christmas tree. This picture is absolutely ridiculous. We laughed way too hard after taking it.
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  3. Happiness isincredibly drunk for my moms birthday. For some reason drunk Katie thought this was the best idea America has had since Reagan's presidency. It makes me happy because not only did drunk katie put a full can of beer into a pumpkin full of dip that everyone was still enjoying. I yelled at everyone to keep it that way. And photographed it
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  4. Happiness is my dad being the cutest man on earth.
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  5. Happiness is the greatest photo ever taken of us.
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  6. Happiness is going on a spontaneous road trip to Maine with your college roommates.
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  7. Happiness is being in Maine sitting across from these two watching them eat because I got mine first and I have zero self control
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  8. Happiness is taking so many pictures that your friends end up hating you.
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  9. Happiness is she's going to have mixed emotions about me posting this. Good news Jenny you are my only follower!
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  10. Happiness is NOT in Dumont
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  11. Happiness is one big happy normal functioning family who talks about their day at the dinner table. I wonder what that feels like.
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  12. Happiness is my Mexican looking uncle who isn't Mexican in a sombrero and shutter shades. We call him Pablo.
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  13. Happiness is who's cuter my dad or the baby?
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  14. Happiness is watching my baby cousin turn into a young lady.
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  15. Happiness is stalking your favorite reality tv star.
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  16. Happiness Is laying in a bathtub with your two best friends because they were chanting your name to get in it with them and then remaining there for all four years of college.
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  17. Happiness is getting your nose pierced with your wiredo best friend.
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  18. Happiness is dad only has two hands the obvious thing to do is hook your hanger onto the strap of your duffle bag
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  19. Happiness is Dad just wants to spend time with you but he can't sit on a couch without anything balancing on his head. It's a fact. He's done it since I was a fetus.
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  20. Happiness is running 5k next to my dad and knowing I am the reason why he works so hard. I'm so proud of him.
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