These were all first and last dates.
  1. That one guy who was legitimately upset and pouting cuz I wanted to watch a horror film over his suggested corny romance comedy "Valentine's Day". I didn't see him again after that. I couldn't bring myself to do it when he had such horrible taste in movies.
  2. That one friend who casually asked me to go play pool with him and he decided to turn it into a date. He picked me up and there was a rose waiting for me in the passenger seat. After that he drove me to a restaurant instead of the pool hall and said we should eat first. I was pissed so I had a friend call me and bail me out. He hated me after that.
  3. That one guy who tried to grab my face mid date and kiss me out of nowhere while I was mid- sentence. I put my whole hand on his face and lightly pushed it away. I asked him to take me home after, he agreed and we didn't say another word to each other.
  4. That one guy who clearly never learned to chew with his mouth closed 😲 and I wanted to stab him with my fork the whole time.