Nostalgic Candies

Most of these are still around, but they don't have the same appeal as when I was a kid. Still, its great to reminisce. 😍
  1. Circus Peanuts
    Ingredients: A shit ton of orange dye, an even bigger shit ton of sugar, a little chewyness, throw in a dash of cancer and there ya have it......circus peanuts. Oh, but don't worry they are fat free 😀
  2. Lotsa Fizz Candy
    These were my all time favorite, next to pop rocks of course.
  3. Candy Gum Cigarettes
    Everything about these was so wrong, but us kids loved em. Especially the powder "smoke" that would come out of the end when you blew on the candy. Sounds horrible I know, but don't worry we were all being "just like our Dads". 😕
  4. Topps Baseball cards with gum.
    I didnt care much for the cards, but my brother always shared the gum with me 😃
  5. Ribbon Candy
    If you have living grandparents, you have probably seen this candy around the holidays. You can find it in fancy Christmas tins usually at places like Wal-Greens or wherever As Seen on TV products are sold. They are pretty much an old people staple.
  6. Big League Chew
    Or as I used to call it spaghetti gum.
  7. Cherry Clan
    My brothers and I would spend hrs in the arcade to earn tickets to buy these, we thought they were that good.
  8. War Heads
    Back in my day you were considered a bad ass if you could keep these in your mouth the entire duration of the sour coating.
  9. Atomic Fire Balls
    You were also considered a bad ass if you could keep one of these in your mouth. But instead of sour, these were hot as fuck.
  10. Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum
    The gum was alright, but any kid who ate this gum knew it was all about the entertaining mini comic strip inside each wrapper.
  11. Wax Bottles
    The dyed liquid sugar inside was absolute heaven, but the wax bottle was gross still a great concept though.
  12. Fruit Stripped Gum
    With an adorable zebra mascot, actual zebra stripped gum and delicious flavors that lasted 5 seconds, what kid wouldn't love this. I also just realized how much I loved gum as a kid.