Products I would shrivel up and die without.

Seriously I would.
  1. TIGI Catwalk curls rock amplifier.
    This is thee god amongst all gods of naturally curly hair products. I have used it for over ten years, and without it my hair is out of control (Just imagine Chaka Kahn in the 80's). Makes my curls look like soft ringlets without the sticky, oily, or crunchy feel of a wax, gel, mousse or pomade. It holds my curls in place without them looking stiff and it smells great, absolutely no other product compares. (At least for me)
  2. Aztec secret clay mask and Braggs organic raw apple cider vinegar. (These two are like Batman & Robin)
    I swear by clay and mud masks for their ability to pull all that bad junk out of your skin and these two mixed together make the greatest mask I have ever used. Not gonna lie it smells like a foot, but the way it makes my skin feel and look afterwards, its totally worth it. Final note: You can use these two products together or separately for a bunch of other things, google it!
  3. Lush's Fresh Farmacy face cleanser (Yes this is how they spell Pharmacy)
    The calamine makes it gentle on my sensitive skin, but its powerful enough to wash off all of my make-up in one wash (mascara included).
  4. Evanhealy Whipped shea butter lip moisturizer
    This shit is not cheap which is the only thing that is wrong with it, but its the best one out there. I don't mind paying the almost 8 dollars for it because it's that awesome.
  5. Palmers shea butter moisturizer
    For my extremely dry skin, this stuff is great from head to toe. Plus shea butter doesn't have that weird smell that cocoa butter has, yet it moisturizes just as well if not better.
  6. Gold Bond healing hand cream
    My favorite hand cream ever, I like to give other brands a try, but I always go back to this one. It also makes a great foot cream.
  7. Bare Minerals powder face make-up
    I hate face make-up but this is so light, doesn't smell, and I don't break out from it. Cost wise, it's not bad considering how long it lasts, and it gives great matte coverage.
  8. Lush's Cosmetic Lad face moisturizer.
    My face skin is like a dried out sponge living out its last days in a desert. Because of this I need a heavy moisturizer and this stuff does the trick in one penny size application to last me an entire day. Plus it smells like a 50/50 ice cream bar, definitely a plus.
  9. Almay Mascara
    I like Almay because it doesn't irritate my eyes like a lot of other brands do.
  10. Nutiva Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
    You can almost use this for everything. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. Just a few things I have used it for: cooking, baking, make-up remover (the absolute best for all kinds, even hardcore costume and halloween make-up), moisturizing hair mask, body oil from head to toe, toothpaste, oil pulling (google it), for my nails (coconut oil has anti-fungal properties so it keeps your nails in great shape), massage oil......I could go on.
  11. Witch Hazel
    I love to use witch hazel mixed with lavender oil as a face toner the combination is very cool and soothing on my skin. Witch hazel is great for irritated sensitive skin as well.
  12. Y.S Bee Farms Organic Raw Honey
    Besides eating this magic honey, I use this by itself as a face mask for its antibacterial, soothing and moisturizing properties. If you melt a little and mix in some organic raw cane sugar it makes a great cost effective face scrub. It is also awesome for spot treatment on pimples, again because of its antibacterial super power.