My name is Michelle btw. I am not using my last name or this will take forever.
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    M- My biggest fear is not being able to have it all. I don't mean materialistic things, I mean things that actually matter to me.
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    I- I am introverted as hell and I do better with one on ones, written words or small groups. I have mostly extroverted people in my life so I can feed off of their energy like a blood sucking vampire. I like being alone A LOT & it doesn't bother me at all. My Meyers Brigg personality is INTP and it freaked me out how accurate the description was.
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    C- Collecting stuff was my thing as a kid. Childhood collections:Troll dolls, rocks & geodes, the extra sequin & button packets on nice clothes (weird one I know), magic sets, mini robot building sets, stuffed animals, Old coins, marbles, etc. Adult collections:Blue-rays, magnets & shot glasses from places I've traveled, match boxes, SF Giants gear
    I could go on, but I'll stop for your sake lol.
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    H- Hate hate HATE the sound of people chewing, it is thee worst!!! I go into fight or flight mode when It bothers me too much, which usually involves me flying out of the room. 😲
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    E- Every week from 6pm on Saturday nights till about 3am on Sunday mornings, I volunteer at a rescue, rehabilitation, and release center for marine mammals in the San Francisco Bay. The place is called the Marine Mammal Center. I do this because I love and have the utmost respect for wild animals. Its a dirty job, but I leave every week so happy.
    FYI- This center is open to the public, it costs very little (less than $20 dollars) to get in and educational tours are given every week. Plus you get to observe the patients on site. We currently have almost 200 patients on site. There are different species of seals and sea lions who temporarily call the center home as they rehabilitate for release.
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    L- Lizards........I fucking LOVE LIZARDS. That is all. Especially grumpy Iguanas. I like the challenge?
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    L- Last nickname I was given was Captain Planet. I was given this nickname by a friend of mine immediately after I told him what my major was.
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    E-Ecology & Evolution is my major. I have always had a curiosity about nature & animals and how everything works together as a whole. I would love to work for a research team someday, hopefully with reptiles and amphibians, they are my favorite 🐸🐒🐍
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    Have a lovely day fellow Li.sters 🐒