Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

Pretty straight forward.
  1. My pic response to any comment, text, snapchat, etc. that I find repulsive.
  2. I always keep this photo on my current phone to remind myself that in a past life, my cat was most likely a demonic pole dancer. (No this is not photoshopped)
  3. Who wouldn't want this gem on their phone at all times.
  4. To remind myself of how painful child birth will be someday and to always respect my mother for going through it 3 times. 😲
  5. Because I'm a saggitarius and Obama is my favorite centaur ever.
  6. When one of us is having a bad day, my boyfriend and I send this to each other to remind the person in a shitty mood to laugh.
  7. I always screenshot future halloween costume ideas.
  8. Because Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is my absolute favorite love story of all time. 😍
  9. Because one of my closest friends is an avid Bob Ross fan, and it is of dire importance that I send this to him every year for his bday. And of course Bob Ross is the man.