A list of questions about Listroducing
  1. Who started this? I genuinely would like to know and I have no idea why.
  2. If I've already made more than five lists, did I miss my window of opportunity to Listroduce? 😓
  3. Because I didn't Listroduce myself, am I forever doomed to have less than 10 followers?
  4. If I do decide to Listroduce myself, would I be considered a bandwagon Listroducer??
  5. Is there a specific format I must follow? The obsessive compulsive side of me HAS to know.
  6. Will I get sued if I don't use the trademark symbol after the word Listroduce? For obvious reasons I am very concerned about this one.
  7. Is there a Listroduce template I can copy & paste to make my life a little easier?
  8. Why the hell did I make this list?