In the real world my sisters and I are preparing for our first overseas trip to Seoul, South Korea. Understandably, this is causing me as much stress as excitement and it's starting to take over my subconscious as well.
  1. It's the day of our big trip and I haven't packed.
  2. It's the day of our big trip and my sisters haven't packed.
    This is more likely to happen than the former.
  3. We woke up late and have 30 minutes to get to the airport.
    Literally sends chills down my spine
  4. I'm in middle school or high school and I've forgotten my locker combination and have to ask the dragon that works in the administration office to look it up for me.
    10 years I've been out of school and that woman still haunts me.
  5. For some reason, even though I graduated, I'm repeating high school at my current age and all of my peers that I went to middle school with are there but they are somehow frozen in time and not as old as I am. But, I'm terrified of them finding out I'm older than they are and repeating high school even though they too are repeating high school!
    This comes from being homeschooled through high school and always being paranoid that graduating from home school wouldn't be good enough and they'd make me repeat high school.
  6. I keep meeting Korean rapper T.O.P and he's not nice to me.
    This hurts as I love him with all my heart.
  7. Everyone keeps telling me, including Korean rapper T.O.P's dad, that he's not good for me.
    Incidentally, in this dream T.O.P's father happened to adore me. Also, he wasn't Korean. In this dream, that is.
  8. I meet all the members of BigBang except Korean rapper T.O.P
    I think my subconscious likes jerking me around.
  9. I ❤️ Korean rapper T.O.P
    I may have forgotten where this list is going.