Date ranges from April to now
  1. How to fix garage
  2. Cheap garage parts
    He's a frugal man
  3. eBay
  4. Faceboik
  5. Cheap mother's day gifts
    Told you he was frugal
  6. Garage repair man
    Guess he gave up
  7. Vasectomy Atlanta
  8. How old is too old for kids to live with parent
    Alright I get it.
  9. Marriage counselor Atlanta
  10. Weird rash webmd
  11. How to know if you have strep throat
  12. How to review repairman on google
    Garage still doesn't work
  13. Fox News hillary
    We're in the south alright
  14. What is pokemon go
  15. Harry Potter fan fiction
    Think my little sister used his computer
  16. Where is Syria
    I you know where it is?
  17. Internet explorer update
    He searched this using Firefox
  18. Lawyer repariman didn't fix garage Atlanta
    Self explanatory
  19. Suntrust bank
  20. What does meme mean
    That's some real shit right there
  21. Cheap shoes like new balance
    Guess they weren't cheap enough for him
  22. Bing
    He literally googled Bing
  23. I'll update more as time goes on... While you wait you can find my moms search history here: My moms search history