My moms search history

While I wait for dad to search more I'll give you glimpse into my dear sweet mother's mind.
  1. Tennis lessons atlanta
  2. Is Beyoncé okay 15 year old
    Probably worried my sister will start saying things like SQUAD and SLAY
  3. Gnail
    Guessing that's gmail. Just a hunch
  4. Garage repair man
  5. Harry Potter new pre-order
    For the sis
  6. How to yoga video
  7. Why is 420 pot day
  8. College admissions UGA
    I know you had high hopes mom but jeeze I'm 25
  9. What is Ashley madison
    Oh shit
  10. Ashley Madison hack
    Honestly probably just mad about that shit Mother's Day present
  11. Ashley madison hack list
    Tsk tsk
  12. How to know cheating
    Jesus I bet she landed on yahoo answers
  13. Trust issues what to do
    Guess that explains the marriage counselor
  14. 401k help
    What the shit is 401k
  15. Trump speech recent
    Fuck so defeated rn
  16. Ballet videos
  17. Ballet instagram
    Thinking this was my sister on her comp
  18. How to catch pikachu
    Definitely my sister
  19. How to know if hes obsessed
    Dad literally would not stop talking about the fucking garage
  20. Recipe marshmallow brownies
    They were amazing
  21. Ikea sale
    Ohhh the savings!
  22. Pinterest furniture ikea
    She got an ikea table and painted it then made it look old as shit I don't know why
  23. SAT or ACT
    Oh I get it probably for my sister. Glad she gave up on me
  24. I'll update this if you guys want. Nothing beats my dad being cheap, terrible at fixing shit and ignorant about every culture but his own. You can find his search history here: My dads search history