so...i Cleaned Out My Purse. Why Do I Carry Around So Much Additional Shit?

My hand bag was starting to get a little heavy, this list may explain why. I have purse hoarding issues.
  1. An apple from the airline club, surprisingly well kept (must be the copious cellophane)
  2. Last box, need to savour until my next trip across the line. American peeps, theses are like flat M&M's what y'all call "Smarties" are known as "Rockets" in the home land 🇨🇦
  3. Boarding passes, yep 6 of them AND I use the app! Why?!
  4. Tampons lifted from the airline club, I figure they owe me.
  5. Hotel keys, just threw another 8 (yes,8) into the bin today.
  6. Snacks from a hotel in Louisiana, like, 2 weeks ago (?)
  7. Because you never know when you will need eleventeen serviettes.
  8. In case all other snack options fail me!
  9. Receipts for already submitted expenses....