I travel, like a lot, for work and am always amused by Canadianisms.
  1. Went to @timhortons and got a double double, then I got a regular later in the day and it wasn't black coffee!
  2. Went to @timhortons and got some Timbits.
  3. Observed a moment of silence on Remembrance Day at 11am, with about 40 other poppy wearing Canadians who just stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads.
  4. Had the festive special at Swiss Chalet.
  5. Celebrated Diwali.
  6. Went shopping at Roots.
  7. Did not have to convert from Celsius or Kilometres once.
  8. Spelled using "re" and "our" and no one cared or noticed.
  9. Realised that Hulu does not stream in the homeland missed my weekly @mindy fix!
  10. Used the phrase "eh?!",no one cared or noticed.