Each is intriguing in her own way.
  1. Jasmine
    My childhood ambition. I thought she was perfect in every way. Look at the confidence rocking that crop top! Plus she was so self-assured and asserted her independence! A good role model.
  2. Jane Lane
    Artistic, edgy, so damn cool.
  3. Eliza Thornberry
    Even though I'd have to become a vegan due to relating so deeply with all the animals. When I was younger I wanted to channel her older sister, but I've wised up. Supernatural powers. Seriously.
  4. Lana Kane
    Essentially a superhero, plus her comebacks are always on point AND she's a powerful working mom.
  5. But the one I'm the most like...
  6. Helga Pataki
    Eccentric, I never wax, and I'm a closet romantic. I am what I am.