A sampling, as there are many.
  1. Sleep is more important!
    I've read that several times in lady-magazines, and they guilt you to work out so hard that if they admit that getting enough sleep is the more important than cardio, you know it's true.
  2. I just ate/am too hungry.
    It's a very delicate balance, working out while not too full or too empty. Especially when you're always hungry, like moi.
  3. I'm still too sore from my last workout.
    Likely if I've worked out in the last 3-5 days.
  4. My hair looks so good right now!
    Because showering is hugely annoying and I only air dry my hair, so if it really looks great there is NO recreating it.
  5. I need to know what happens in the next episode!
    Happy binging, thanks Netflix!
  6. I'm tired today but I'll do it TOMORROW! Because exercise is important...
    I'll get to it. It'll happen. Hopefully.