Inspired by @mirthnuts and @kcupcaker
  1. The first sip of coffee when I'm oh so tired
  2. The wonder and emotional upheaval of a magical and/or moving theatrical production
  3. The warmth, connection, and pure joy of a perfect hug from someone you love
  4. The slightly buzzed silliness of a dinner out with my parents and two rounds of primo cocktails
  5. The euphoria that comes after forcing oneself to yoga and meditate
  6. When children giggle at me and look at me with adoration
  7. Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, and Christmas Day
  8. Laughing with someone so hard that it hurts to breathe
  9. Every bite of truly exquisite eats, especially if I'm not sober
  10. The nervous fireworks of watching something I wrote in its final form, on the stage or on the screen. Nothing comes close.