If there's no beer-chugging barbecue on your docket, or if you did that on Saturday (like me), here are some rituals silly and serious.
  1. Listen to the entire Hamilton soundtrack
  2. Search the Internet for a fact you don't know about July 4, 1776
    Ideally something not covered in the Hamilton soundtrack
  3. Drink blue Gatorade while wearing red lipstick
  4. Drink a bottle of red wine while watching Blue Valentine
    Or Blue Velvet, or Blue Crush.
  5. Thank a government official you admire via Twitter
  6. Have a no-pants dance party to Party In The USA
  7. Text your thanks to anyone you know who has/currently is served/serving our country
  8. Either livestream some fireworks or watch some on YouTube
  9. Purchase anything from one of the many, MANY holiday sales
    Online, of course
  10. Set calendar reminders for all government elections in the foreseeable future
    Even tiny local ones. They all matter. Democracy!
  11. And sleep sleep sleep
    The freedom to get extra rest may be lesser than many that we enjoy, but today you have the opportunity to enjoy it! So happy July 4, whether you're out celebrating or wrapped in a blanket like me!