My Biggest Question From Re-Watching Season 1 of Gilmore Girls

  1. Rory is at this new school and I hate everyone there.
  2. Big surprise.
  3. I know I'm supposed to hate them. And it's working.
  4. But the most annoying?
  6. God how infuriating is he? "Hey, Mary." "See you, Mary."
  7. Rory has the right idea.
  8. But really, does he think that's gonna work? Is our woman-hating he's-doing-it-because-he-likes-you culture so strong that baby douchey Chad Michael Murray thinks that will work?
  9. Ugh
  10. I never remember a time in my life when I hated Chad Michael Murray, but I guess that was a thing.
  11. But the realist question of them all: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY?
  12. This pic doesn't really bode well...
  13. Though I don't judge. Hopefully his life is more like this.
  14. I almost don't want to know what he's up to. That way he retains some of the mystical quality I used to associate with him before re-watching the first 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls.
  15. Guess I'll just desperately wait for Jess to surface.