My Family Is Going To See Finding Dory

And my mother, oh my mother.
  1. I need to start by saying that Disney and Pixar mean a lot to my family.
  2. Especially Disney World. It is our Mecca. It is our homeland. It is the place that at least 50% of my childhood happy family memories came from.
  3. We are going next year and we've been planning the trip for multiple years. We only waited because I insisted that we hold off till my young brother turned 21.
  4. Anyway.
  5. Today my whole family spontaneously decided to clear our schedules and go to Finding Dory.
  6. We are all hella busy and don't do this a lot.
  7. My mom just arrived home and said, "Is it ok, I mean, will I get it, if I didn't see the first one?"
  8. Pin-drop silence.
  9. "You mean Finding Nemo? You've never seen Finding Nemo?"
  10. "No, I never got around to it."
  11. How?
  12. HOW?!?
  13. How can a person avoid seeing Finding Nemo? Much less avoid it by accident? How is that possible as a US citizen and a Disney buff?
  14. She then said, "I've been on the ride."
  15. And, "I've seen the puppet show in the park." Disney World. Animal Kingdom. Of course.
  16. I'm not even an aggressive Finding Nemo fan, I just can't compute how this has happened.
  17. But I guess it means we can still be individuals.
  18. We aren't all brainwashed into the same song and dance. My mother's song and dance simply doesn't include "Just Keep Swimming."
  19. That is all.