Because drafts have so much potential...
  1. Yes, I know that it is a grand mystery what people get attached to and what becomes "popular," both in the world and on
  2. But there is also a method. To everything. And I love method. I love planning. I love overthinking. It's my shtick.
  3. Also insomnia and waking quite early with the urge to craft sentences. These are also shticks of mine.
  4. But with lists, the time and day that I post them affects how well they do. Or at least how fast. I can tell.
  5. So how does one discover the schedule for ultimate li.sting success?
  6. Is there an algorithm? Could someone write one for me?
  7. I don't like basic math enough to do it in my head, no matter how simple the problem. Applied mathematics sounds like my own personal hell.
  8. Do PR reps know the hour for ultimate posting? Does the Iluminati? Is the Iluminati real? Is it the Iluminati's choice that the iPhone doesn't recognize their title as a word or am I just spelling it wrong?
  9. My brain may rotate on a tilted axis. My interests and musings may not always jive with the masses. But I know that post time impacts posts and yeah, it's not that important, but it keeps me up at night.
  10. Much like the question "Should I wait till morning to post this 12:30 am constructed list?" Or "Is 8:30 am so early that this list will be lost in the void?"
  11. If you write a list and no one reads it, did it ever truly exist?
  12. Woah.
  13. Just searched for gifs under "head bang table"
  14. This was an option.
  15. Guess it's time to go to bed. And post this now regardless of time. Because I'm a brave warrior and cyber-silence cannot defeat me on the battlefield of the writerly life.
  16. Or whatever. Some metaphors are meant to be messy.