So many wishes that will never come true...
  1. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
    For the germaphobe in all of us.
  2. Mini On-Train Vending Machines
    Hey, on those over-an-hour jaunts snacks could really upgrade the experience.
  3. A Dance Car
    It'll be just like this scene from Broad City! And a great no-fuss core workout. Who needs paddleboarding?
  4. A Meditation Car
    Soothing tunes, dimmed lights, lots of people deep-breathing. Remembering to meditate is hard! This would really make it easier to zen out once or twice a day.
  5. And if they only give in to in plea, let it be this one:
  6. Therapy Dogs
    I want to pet puppies every day, for my mental and emotional health. MTA could make that a reality. Even better: ADOPTABLE puppies! Move over cat cafes, the subway just might steal your thunder!