Things I Wish They'd Add To The NY Subway System

So many wishes that will never come true...
  1. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
    For the germaphobe in all of us.
  2. Mini On-Train Vending Machines
    Hey, on those over-an-hour jaunts snacks could really upgrade the experience.
  3. A Dance Car
    It'll be just like this scene from Broad City! And a great no-fuss core workout. Who needs paddleboarding?
  4. A Meditation Car
    Soothing tunes, dimmed lights, lots of people deep-breathing. Remembering to meditate is hard! This would really make it easier to zen out once or twice a day.
  5. And if they only give in to in plea, let it be this one:
  6. Therapy Dogs
    I want to pet puppies every day, for my mental and emotional health. MTA could make that a reality. Even better: ADOPTABLE puppies! Move over cat cafes, the subway just might steal your thunder!