I'm sure there are many more, but here's a delightful selection
  1. Someone putting a bike pump up your nose and filling your forehead sinus with very solid-feeling air
    I have an intense fear of tools going up my nose, thanks Ancient Egyptians
  2. Being in a WWE match where you're losing, you keep trying to get up, and the blows taking you down just don't let up.
  3. A very bad trip
    I assume
  4. That house-destroying fight Adam and Jessa had on Girls, but between your temples
  5. Having The Headache Of The Gods
    They're grand like that
  6. A small but terrifying monster you throw Advil at till you realize that Advil is like Simon's breath mints
    I know you aren't supposed to name him if you don't want to keep him, but my migraine monster is SUCH a Simon
  7. A very good buffer for low to mid level bad news
    I can't even get upset about low to mid level annoyances. Simon owns me.
  8. But also a steroid for many negative feelings
    Spent half an hour sobbing about not wanting my dad to die. He's perfectly healthy. To our knowledge.
  9. The stomach sickness I got as a kid
    So bad I can't even appreciate days off. I'd rather work. Ew.
  10. A circle of Hell
    Can't tell which one. Maybe I'll map out my own circles of Hell in a soontocome list