Things That Send Me Into An Insta-Rage

I try to live a zen, emotionally healthy life, but these things still thrust me into an aggressively angry state. Some of the reasons are rational, some are not.
  1. Movies that include only stereotype, meaningless female characters, or as I like to call them, "prop women"
  2. When my internet connection drops out while I'm streaming Netflix
  3. When I run into the coffee table, which happens multiple times a month
  4. Bigots of all doctrines
  5. When an episode has an absurdly troubling cliff hanger and I can't move on with my life due to that specific suspense
  6. People attempting to justify voting for Donald Trump
  7. When I expect to eat food at a specified time, and then for whatever reason have to put off that meal for an hour or longer
  8. When I try to wear lipstick and the shape of my application keeps coming out with clown-like borders
  9. Being woken by someone else's alarm, which they somehow aren't waking up to turn off
  10. Condescension, especially coming from old white dudes