My dad is a pastor and I'm home for a bit, so I volunteered to do music with him. It's been literally the most fun I've had in weeks. Some reasons why:
  1. The general cuteness
    No explanation needed.
  2. The freedom to goof.
    Doing film and theatre, you have to actually be precise about each expression, moment, etc. At VBS, the wilder and looser and sillier the better. It's so damn freeing!
  3. Themed snacks, hand delivered to the "musicians"
    So many cookies, so many sprinkles, no complaints at all.
  4. Being a role model, in the arts way.
    One tiny boy in a sports jersey came up to me and told me that he also loves to sing. I had to fight the urge to grip his arms and get uber serious when I told him to never stop singing. You're welcome, future romantic interests of whatever HS Theatre Department he ends up in. He seems like he's going to be a real gem.
  5. Getting to hang with my dad and our good family friend, Jess.
    We've had so much fun in our down time, of which there is much. I love adult bonding.
  6. Spreading the anti-bullying message every night.
    Which I care very very much about.
  7. And the best of all:
    The tiny ones sure love to dance. Nothing makes you feel more like a rock star than singing stupid old camp songs and doing the motions along with 50 raging kiddos who don't even come up to your hip.