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  1. Paper products
  2. Mops/brooms/dustpans
  3. Lint rollers
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Winner of the Golden Globe for Best Picture Traumatizing or PTSD-Inducing. *Spoilers ahead*
  1. Alright let's go full REVENANT
  2. Beautiful cinematography
  3. Hey! That's Bill Weasley!
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  1. 1.
    30 Rock
    a. S2E9 Ludachristmas b. S3E6 Christmas Special c. S4E8 Secret Santa d. S5E10 Christmas Attack Zone e. S7E8 My Whole Life is Thunder
  2. 2.
    Bob's Burgers
    a. S3E9 Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins b. S4E8 Christmas in the Car
  3. 3.
    Parks & Rec
    a. S2E12 Christmas Scandal. b. S4E10 Citizen Knope c. S5E9 Ron and Diane
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  1. Hard working dollars
  2. Meat and potatoes
  3. Ping
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That won't end in a lawsuit
  1. Shake Shaq
    A restaurant that serves burgers and fries in a building shaped like Shaquille O'Neal's head.
  2. Prince Cumberland Farms
    A Macbeth themed gas station and convenience store.
  3. Seoul Cycle
    Cycling with a South Korean flair.
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