I participated in the List App Secret Santa and got such amazing gifts from my Secret Santa. Thank you so much @witchdoctorc! I really like the Wisconsin theme and liked learning a bit about where you're from. Also, thank you to @ChrisK for organizing this. I sent my gift out on the 9th so it should probably arrive next week.
  1. A scarf hand-knit by @witchdoctorc!
    The blue yarn is Japanese Noro and the brown is from WI-raised sheep! Very impressive! (I'm actually a Slytherin but appreciate the Ravenclaw color choice)
  2. A stress relief care package!
    I'm so glad my Secret Santa recognized I'm in high school and in a lot of stress! The first item is body oil
  3. The second is Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility tea!
  4. Lemon flavored/scented lip balm!
    Roots farm-crafted chocolates from a farmer who grows his own ingredients in WI!