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  1. Which sweet 16 horderve are you
  2. Let us guess where you buy your semi-ironic graphic T's!
  3. This quiz is only for Kaitlyns with a Y, ukwur
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  1. Soup in coffee mugs
  2. Too much freshly ground pepper
    But not too too much
  3. Spooning large dogs
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"What is 'data'?"- recent text from my mom
  1. Watching an endless loop of Joyce Meyers Podcasts
Alternative title : Things Middle Age Men Say Online (At Starbucks)
  1. Bill! How are you. Wave hi to Joan and the kids
  2. What are these mocha frappe lattes the kids get nowadays? Just black coffee for me
  3. Well Steve, Grande is triple the size of Tall for just 17 cents more- worth the investment
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