Alternative title : Things Middle Age Men Say Online (At Starbucks)
  1. Bill! How are you. Wave hi to Joan and the kids
  2. What are these mocha frappe lattes the kids get nowadays? Just black coffee for me
  3. Well Steve, Grande is triple the size of Tall for just 17 cents more- worth the investment
  4. Linda encouraged me to download the app! It's made the experience seamless
  5. Ever since they got the store redone back in October space has been maximized and efficiency is up
  6. Ah yes hi how are you I am not getting anything but my daughter wants cold brew cappucino with seven pumps of something? Is that right? Right, right you couldn't know what my daughter wants
  7. Where do I wait? Oh, over there.
  8. I only come here because Sue loves it. If it were up to me we would be at Dunkin right now
    Question: is it healthier/better to raise children on munchkins or cake pops
  9. Any of the above could be substituted for: "I am empty inside" "I am on the edge of my mid-life crisis cliff, save me"