Highlights and things I learned from this wonderfully insightful docuseries. This is the first one out of four.
  1. Matchmaker couples are like politicians. They're dogmatic and they do that weird thing where they roll their hand up in a ball and put their thumb on top of the side of their index finger and wave it at you. Why do they do that to people?
  2. An elderly African American couple says that love and respect comes in the form of a toilet seat. He puts the toilet seat down for her, she puts it up for him. Love.
  3. An artist named Vinzent painted a very crude painting of a woman
  4. Jason Biggs got a mani/pedi with another woman who wasn't his wife right before they were married
  5. Cheating is a black & white issue for Chelsea
  6. Apparently Ashley Madison is a service for female infidelity.
  7. "Chelsea just surrender... just surrender, can you just be yourself and then not be yourself and then surrender?" - the secret politician i.e. the matchmaker
  8. I think Chelsea should marry her super hot clinical psychologist (hint: he is featured throughout this series 😍)