Shout out to Spotify for almost preventing a premium cancellation.
  1. So I logged in to my Spotify to cancel my subscription in an attempt to de-clutter my life...a little bit.
  2. But when I logged in to the site, I realized everything was in Swedish.
  3. Since I have an account through my Facebook, I'm pretty sure they know I'm an English speaking brooklynite.
  4. You know I don't speak Swedish Spotify. Nice try. I am still cancelling your Premium ass.
  5. But in all seriousness no hard feelings. I love you and how you make it somewhat acceptable for me to listen to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and then All In It by Justin Bieber, one after the other. I just don't want you taking up space on my phone right now.
  6. So, I decide to attempt to navigate the site... in my quest for a cancellation.
  7. I click a couple of buttons that look promising.
  8. I decide half way through that I could've used Google Translator - it's not too late.
  9. I don't use Google Translator because I'm stubborn and want to see if a non-Swedish idiot like me can navigate a site in Swedish.
  10. After 2 more clicks I see a check, and I decide to put this long Swedish paragraph in Google translator
  11. Google translator says (in broken Swedish) "We're sorry to hear you be cancel your subscription. You can always come back!"
  12. I did it! I successfully cancelled my subscription just by guessing and clicking! What a victory for stubborn morons everywhere!
  13. "Guessing and Clicking" is going to be the title of my first autobiography.
  14. Now I'm going to celebrate with an Oreo cookie.