Inspired by @jakebrandman
  1. Hero On The Hudson
    On Jan 15th a US Airways Flight makes an emergency landing into the Hudson River shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York City. All passengers and crew members survive.
  2. iPhone 3GS
    This is going to be the best phone of all time there's no way Apple can top this
  3. Single Ladies – Beyoncé Empire State Of Mind – Jay Z
    These Songs Sound like hits but I'm not quite sure yet
  4. Avatar
    This film about a land of aliens trying to save their world Pandora looks like a future Box Office Hit
  5. Masters
    Angela Cabrera Just won the Masters finishing -12
  6. Obama
    Jan 20th: Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States
  7. Modern Family
    This Show called Modern Family just started looks good... Not quite sure yet
  8. Economic Crisis
    things are not looking great around Europe right now... Times are tough
  9. Tiger Woods
    What's going on with Tiger Woods right now... He's really fallen from grace
  10. All Ireland Final
    Kerry have just won their 36th All Ireland Championship defeating Cork 0-16 to 1-09
  11. The Yankees Are Back On Top
    This could be the greatest team in a long time... Hopefully the win more World Series
  12. Academy Awards
    Slum dog millionaire won best picture… Kate Winslet won Best Actress & Sean Penn won Best Actor