And Why 1-5 in order
  1. Debby Ryan
    @Debby is the person I would most like to meet. I loved her when she was on SLOD. She's an amazing actress and also an extremely talented singer, I love her EP One. I'd say she would have some amazing stories to tell and I'd love to hear them. She is very kind to her fans and I have huge respect for that. She takes time out of her busy schedule her own personal time, to interact with her fans. These are just a few of the many reasons that she is no 1. As you can see 500 characters isn't enough
  2. Derek Jeter
    IMO the best baseball player to play the game. Number 2... The Captain... A Hero of mine. He played the game the right way, they way it should be played. Batted career .310 with 3,465 career hits
  3. Selena Gomez
    Ever since she was on Wizards of Waverley Place I liked her. She also has some great songs. A great career and I would say she's a very nice person
  4. Ella Henderson
    Absolutely love her album Chapter One. A very talented singer and a great songwriter
  5. Eddie Murphy
    Star of my favourite film Beverly Hills cop (Axel Foley) and so manny other great films. Very funny