Albums That Changed My Life

No Particular Order
  1. Chapter One – Ella Henderson
    This is an exceptional album. Ella is a great artist with a outstanding voice... One of my two most played albums... Best songs include Giants, Yours and Beautifully Unfinished
  2. The Best of Dean Martin – Dean Martin
    Dean Martin one of the greatest singers of all time... Classic crooner. Hits such as That's Amore, Sway and Little Old Wine Drinker me. I love this album. See: Perfect Albums, Beginning to End
  3. Here's to the good times – Florida Georgia Line
    This album kind of mixes modern music with old fashioned country music... You wouldn't think it works but it does. First heard Cruise then googled it and found the Album
  4. The Rat Pack – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr
    When Three legends team up it ends in perfection... This album is a lovely mix of jazz, oldies, crooners and an all round terrific album
  5. One – The Never Ending
    My Favourite and most listened to album.. @Debby is an amazing artist with an incredible voice. Backed by extremely talented musicians. Whenever I've had a rough day I listen to this album and I instantly cheer up
  6. Cars Soundtrack – Various
    I love this film... But this is one of the greatest movie soundtracks. Great songs from artists like Rascal Flats, Chuck Berry, Brad Paisley, James Taylor and @john but it also has great score by Randy Newman
  7. You Get What You Give – Zac Brown Band
    Again an amazing modern country band... I know country is not everyone's choice but I like it and I like this album
  8. Westlife Greatest Hits – Westlife
    Grew up listening to Westlife... All of their albums are brilliant... Easy listening music
  9. Rock 'n' Roll Tearjearkers – Various
    Golden Oldies at there finest right here... Listened to this album all the time when I was younger and absolutely love it. Made me love old 50s Rock and Roll Music
  10. Greatest Hits: Shining Like A National Guitar – Paul Simon
    I love this album great songs like you can call me al and Graceland another album that made me love oldies music
  11. 2nd To None – Elvis Presley
    The King of Rock 'N' Roll... Undisputed classic hits like Viva Las Vegas make this one of the many great Elvis albums