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Thank You for the List Request
  1. Ok Stick With Me
  2. There are 33 Teams competing to win
    31 Irish Counties + London & New York
  3. There are 15 players on each team
    1x Goalkeeper, 6x Defenders, 2x Midfielders and 6x Forwards
  4. The object of the game is to out score your opponent
    If you get it over the bar between the posts you get 1 point... If you get the ball in the net you get 3 points
  5. You can only take four steps with the ball in your hand before either bouncing the ball (Can't be done twice in a row) Or by soloing the ball... You can't throw the ball you must strike the ball with your hand to pass
  6. There's a format based by region where four teams prevail to the QF and the rest battle it out for the remaining four QF Spots
  7. The 4 QF winners play in the SF and the 2 SF winners then play the All Ireland Final
  8. The Trophy is called the Sam Maguire
  9. Dublin are the reigning All Ireland Champions
  10. While Kerry have won the most All Ireland's (37)
  11. The Top Four Teams would be Dublin, Kerry, Mayo and Donegal with other teams very close
  12. That's pretty much that... It's an amazing sport very skill full and physical
  13. And Remember Mayo for Sam
    My Favourite Team