1. U2
    Like quite a lot of their songs, especially Stuck in a moment... Dislike Bono though
  2. Thin Lizzy
    1 or 2 of their songs I really like... The Boys are back in town, Whisky in the jar and dancing in the moonlight to be precise
  3. Westlife
    Grew up listening to Westlife and still do... The CDs used to be played in my house quite a lot when I was 4 or 5 and they just kinda grew on me
  4. The Saw Doctors
    Just a great lively Irish band... Possibly my favourite Irish band... I Useta love her is my favourite song
  5. Walking On Cars
    The new and upcoming band in Ireland hit singles Speeding Cars & Ship goes down have been huge over here
  6. The Script
    Not the biggest fan of the script but I do like a few of there songs, Breakeven is good
  7. Kodaline
    They have some great songs out recently really like the new one featuring Kygo