Basically Why I'm looking forward to Game 7
  1. Kluber v Hendricks
    This has the potential to be a great pitching matchup
  2. Chapman V Miller
    If this game stays close there is a huge possibility that we see these guys face off... And from watching the Yankees this season that's an exciting prospect
  3. Francisco Lindor
    This Guys incredible and he's So Young... Could he be the difference tonight, I think so
  4. Kris Bryant
    This Guy is heating up at a crucial time for the Cubs and this guy is insanely talented
  5. History Will Be Made
    The two longest Championship droughts in baseball... The Cubs (1908) and The Indians (1948)... One of these droughts will finish tonight
  6. LeBron James
    Because of the Huge Emphasis by James and the Cavs on the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead... The Indians were also 3-1 up... If they lose tonight... Well won't that just be a wee bit awkward 😬
  7. First Time there's been a Game 7 in both MLB and NBA since 1962
    MLB (Yankees/Giants) NBA (Bos/LA)
  8. Who Doesn't Love A Game 7
  9. Tell me who you're rooting for ⚾️
  10. I think the Indians Walk off 3-4 with the help of Lindor