1. I'll admit when David Ross made it 6-3 I feared it was over for Cleveland
  2. And When RAJAI Davis hit that Game Tying 2 run Home Run of Chapman it was amazing
  3. And then A Rain Delay 🙄
  4. But the Talented Cubs Rallied through and Broke the Curse
    Somewhere in Chicago Steve Bartman was Celebrating
  5. It's Great to see A Team Break a 108 year losing Streak
    Hope my Mayo can break there 65 Year Losing Streak 😭😭😭
  6. I thought Maybe World Series MVP should have been Bryant or Russell
  7. Also commiserations to the Indians who before the World Series Started were not given any chance against the Cubs and it went to a great Game 7
  8. The Game 7 was an amazing game... Everyone was talking about it
  9. Hey Chicago What D'Ya Say... The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today
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