1. On The Lash
    To go out drinking
  2. Yer Man/Won
    When talking about him or her
  3. Muppet
    A fool
  4. Chancer
    Meaning: Dodgy character who will do anything to get what he wants
  5. Ah Look it
    Kind of stern when your fed up with something or someone
  6. Keep Her Lit
    Keep going a phrase of encouragement
  7. Go away out of that
    You disagree with someone... "The Mets are the best.——Go away out of that the Yankees are the best
  8. I will Ya
    Usually means you won't… ironically… "Will ya make me a cup of tea/ I will Ya" he's not getting a cup of tea 😂
  9. Sure Tis grand
    In Ireland everything and everyone is grand
  10. Take The Piss
    To make fun of or tease
  11. Craic
    Means a Good time/ or fun… "I had great craic
  12. How's She Cutting
    Basically How are you
  13. Feckin Eijit
    Basically someone who's a fool or an idiot but in a friendly way... My most used one