Inspired by @Lisa_Fav... hope I answered like I was supposed to
  1. Why Are We Here
    Duh to make awesome lists for our fellow listers to enjoy
  2. Why did you join
    I saw @Debby tweet about list last November... I liked it and decided to join
  3. Why did you stay
    It's such a different Type of social platform... And all you guys are awesome
  4. I rarely get bored when the US listers are asleep because I usually go on list later so it's peak us lister time
  5. English is technically our language... I hated learning Irish but now love to use it on list
  6. -
  7. Not Really I think yes there are lots of listers in LA... Well California but I think there's a perfect balance of listers all over the place
  8. Honestly I've never had anyone make an opinion of me making a comment on American Politics... Because I couldn't give a f*** about American politics or any politics for that matter
  9. Nope we ain't tourists we are just as much a part of list as anyone else is 🙌🏻